"One language sets you in a corridor for life.

 Two languages open every door along the way."

Frank Smith, contemporary psycholinguist


We are dedicated to providing a fun environment for your child to exerience the English language!

The "Global Village" is not just a trendy expression anymore. The world is truly getting smaller and smaller and the need for proficiency in multiple languages is continually increasing. English is very often the common language for business relationships – whether within Europe or with Asia. English also spills into our everyday lives via marketing slogans, advertisements, and product labeling.


Children have a unique ability to learn languages much easier than an adult.  They learn the language naturally without a conscious effort in the same way they learn their native language.  In fact, there is even evidence that children who have learned a second language this way will use the same technique to learn a 3rd or 4th language later in life.  That is why they can learn additional languages so much easier than teens or adults who are first learning a second language and require a huge amount of conscious effort and focus on grammar rules.
Not just for kids!

We also offer a parent/baby course which is not only geared at introducing babies to the sound of English, but is great for moms and dads who might not speak German.  For more information check out our BabyTalk class.


Great practice for native speakers!

Are you raising a bilingual child and already using English at home?  Our classes provide a great opportunity for your kids to practice their English outside the home and even make some new English-speaking friends!



Photo: bilingualkidspot.com

Photo: bilingualkidspot.com